Our Vision

for Adventure Tourism

We aim to help fellow adventurers enjoy more adventures, more often and with more people. Below are some of the key features of our membership club that assist in making life more fun and enjoyable for those with a spirit for adventure.

Adventure Map

Find local adventure hotspots, routes, trails, activities centres and groups, where ever you are in the world, find events and meet-ups with fellow members.

Discounted Accommodation

Adventure twice as long on the same money with upto 50% OFF accommodation at all Moocharoo Club owned Hotels & Resorts.

Voting Rights

Welcome to decentralized club management! Our members get to vote on all manner of club activites such as; locations to acquire assets, which assets to acquire as well as how much members should get paid each month!

Event Sponsorship

Need sponsorship to realise your dream of emarking upon an epic adventure? Our members get to vote on which epic adventures deserve to be funded.

Hotels & Resorts

Collaborator members will possibly have the opportunity to earn a share of the revenue from club own assets each month, how much is determined by member votes.

Earn Finders Fees

Collaborator members will also have the opportunity to earn property finders fees, if their deals are selected through member voting they will be paid on acquisition.

Exclusive Members Club

How to Join?

Membership is free but is does require members to deposit Moolah Smart Asset Tokens as proof of their stake in the club. Moocharoo is an exclusive adventure club as membership is limited to the Max. Supply of tokens available.


Click the join button above to register as a prospective club member to gain access to members area.

Buy Moolah

Moolah is required as a deposit to validate your membership, the more you own the more potential rewards you could be eligiable for.

Get Verified

Simple KYC check to verify your passport as people without passports don't make good adventurers!

Deposit Moolah

Deposit into your main account, free prize draw or collaborator fund. Deposits can be withdrawn at anytime.

Membership Perks

Why Join Us?

There are currently four levels of membership within Moocharoo, acquiring higher levels of membership requires depositing greater amounts of Moolah.

Prospective Member

All members must begin at this level although for many membership at this level will be shortlived.

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Full Member

Requires a minimum deposit of 25 Moolah, many benefits are available at this level.

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Entry into this level of membership requires a deposit of 1,000 Moolah but comes with many perks.

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Major Collaborator

This esteemed rank within the Moocharoo membership comes with significant benefits and respect.

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Token Supply




Full Members



Prospective Membership

Look but you can't Touch

Requirements: Complete membership registration.

This is the brief period before an account gets verified and validated, this period allows the prospective member to browse the tools and features within the admin area but the member will be unable to interact at this stage.

Zero perks at this level!

Full Membership

Requirements: Passing KYC Passport verification & depositing a minimum of 25 Moolah into members account.

Full membership will offer all of the standard tools to assist them in discovering new adventures.


  • 15% OFF accommodation at all Club owned Hotels/Resorts
  • Opportunity to be sponsored for taking part in an Epic Adventure
  • Access to enter into monthly FREE PRIZE DRAW

Collaborator Membership

The most sought after position by keen adventurers eager to benefit from potential club earnings.

Requirements: Must have deposited at least 1,000 Moolah into the collaboration pool.

Collaborator make atleast 3 votes each quarter or face losing their position as collaborator and having their Moolah returned to their main account.


  • 35% OFF accommodation at all Club owned Hotels/Resorts
  • Opportunity to be sponsored for taking part in an Epic Adventure
  • Access to enter into monthly FREE PRIZE DRAW
  • Voting Rights - each 1,000 Moolah deposited into the collaboration pool equals one voting point
  • Member Rewards - earn a share of profits each month from the clubs Hotels & Resorts. Again each 1,000 Moolah deposited into the collaboration pool equals one revenue share.
  • On completion of Phase 2 of the Token Sale every collaborator will be sent out a limited edition 2018 Moolah Coin
Moolah Coins

Major Collaborator

Currently the highest level of membership available can be reached by depositing 25,000 or more Moolah into the collaborator pool, this entitles the member to 50% OFF their stay at any club owned Hotels &Resorts.

Along with all the usual Collaborator benefits, plus x2 limited edition coins rather than one at the end of the token sale as well as a FREE Moocharoo annual t-shirt for every year they continue their major collaborator status.

Moocharoo began in the United Kingdom


Moolah in Brief

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Moocharoo began back in 2013 as a simple events platform for local adventurers wanting to invite others to come along and enjoy adventurous activities together. Fast forward to 2018 the founders with their background in both web and property development have set out to transform the business to provide accomodation to adventurers in global adventure tourism hotspots.

Max Supply: 48,501,750

The club has gone for a 3 phase distribution process. Phase 1 & 2 are private token sales to Moocharoo members held between April and September. Phase 3 is the ongoing monthly distribution to collaborators until tokens supply has been exhausted.

Token Sale
Team Incentives
Advisory Board
Member Rewards


Moolah in Brief

  • The Start-Up

    Moocharoo Events website

    In the early days we were all about getting out and about with other adventurous brave souls and exploring some fantastic locations. We found plenty of people who wanted to come out on organised adventures, but few were willing to set up events of their own.

  • Location Scout

    Adventure Hotspots

    We spent 3 months travelling around adventure hotspots in the Philippines, Australia & South Africa, talking with many hotel managers and activity providers to gain local knowledge and devise a new direction for Moocharoo.

  • Planning & Preperation

    App Re-design

    Moocharoo app taken offline as we began planning and implemnting a new adventure web application from the ground up.

  • Launch Moolah

    Token Sale

    Doors open, but unlike many "crypto" token sales we have more than just a whitepaper and a web page, we already have the tokens on the blockchain ready for distribution and the beginnings of the new adventure web app.

  • Listing on Exchange

    Trading Moolah

    Since Moolah Tokens are running on the NEM Blockchain we are planning to begin by listing on exchanges that are already listing NEM Mosiac tokens (Bankera & HitBTC).

  • Hotels & Resorts

    Open for Business

    On completion of a succesful Token Sale we expect that we should be able to have the first couple of new hotels and resorts open for business before the end of 2019.

  • Discover Adventure

    Adventure with us!

    2020 should see the fully completed applications of both moocharoo.com and moocharoo.club, along with new mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Our Team

& Advisors

Ben Gillott

CEO / Co-Founder

Myhrden Major

COO / Co-Founder

Lloyd Smith

*Renovations Advisor

Bear Grylls

*Sponsorship Advisor

Rob Moore

*JV Advisor/Trainer

Marrianne Page

*Systems Advisor

Kevin Green

*Aquisitions Advisor

Claire Hill

Graphic Designer

Mark Homer

*Commercial Property Advisor

Gareth Popham

Chief Internal Auditor

Frank Kern

*Marketing Advisor

Tom Coleman

Lead Developer

*only potential advisor not yet officially confirmed!